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Our weighted hug pet is a fabulous shoulder friend available in many soft sensory fabrics.

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Unique weighted shoulder wrap friend.

  • Portable for use at school, in therapy, and at home
  • Made of sturdy denim & soft fabric
  • Available in approx. 2 pounds (44 inch long) or approx. 4 pounds (48 inches long)
  • Sensational bright and super soft sensory options

 PURCHASE ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED.  Send your PO via email to barbara@calminghugs.com

Our hug pet is a unique and stylish weighted wrap around shoulder friend. It can provide a stabilizing balance when used during a therapy appointment. .

It is portable to bring along on car rides and feels great to curl up on your lap. Each hug pet is made from durable denim. You are able to customize our hug friend with your choice of soothing stripes made from preminum luxurious fabric options. There is also a lengthy stripe along the back of our hug pet.

Our approximate two pound option is made of plastic pellets and our approximate four pound buddy has a combination of plastic and steel pellets to create the needed deep touch pressure.  


Weighted neck wraps or lap pads may help children improve their attention span, focus on tasks and stay in their seats longer. This deep touch pressure is calming to the nervous system. Lynn M. Hamilton states in her book, “Facing Autism, Giving parents reasons for hope and guidance for help” (2000), that a good sensory integration program can make a huge difference in a child’s functioning, not only during therapy but also at home and in school.   
Keep one at home, one at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and one in your car. Make certain your shoulder friend is available wherever you are! You could even curl up with two or three hug pets at night! Drape them over your body wherever you need that extra comfort.

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Warning: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 years. The Weighted products contain small pellets that may be a choking hazard if the pellets are released from the liner. In the event of a rupture of the liner, discontinue use of the weighted product immediately

Weighted vests should be used under the direction and advice of a healthcare professional or licensed therapist and should be worn while under adult supervision.

The designers and manufactures of the Calming Hugs products are not physicians and do not intend to provide healthcare services. Calming Hugs does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, products or services. This Website, the information referenced herein and the Products offered for purchase do not constitute an attempt to practice medicine. Your use of the Website or purchase of products does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between you and Calming Hugs or its employees.
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