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Our original stylish hug vest made of quality denim. This design is sturdy and functional offering deep touch pressure.

Everyone needs a hug filled with love!

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Fabulously stylish yet functional weighted vest.

  • Weight provides deep touch pressure
  • Constructed of durable denim
  • Comes with approx two pounds of weight
  • Use at home, school or in therapy
  • Removable hug weights for easy laundering
  • Denim color may vary
PURCHASE ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED.   Please email PO to barbara@calminghugs.com 
                                                                                      The hug vest is a fabulously stylish alternative to the hum drum weighted vest options currently available in the marketplace. The durable denim material makes it a strong and sturdy addition to any wardrobe.

The hug vest is designed with a hidden wrap-around inside pocket to allow for the proper balancing of our approx. one-half pound steel pellet hug weights. Each of these weights may be added or removed as needed. This flexibility allows the vest to grow with your child, while providing easy removal when washing. Our standard denim vest includes two pounds of weight. If your child is between sizes, we recommend ordering a bigger size to allow for growth.

Karen L. Cook, Occupational Therapist and owner of Rehab Services, Unlimited, Inc. in Lewisville, Texas, is a big supporter of our hug vests. She recommends wearing a weighted vest with desktop activities or during times that sensory processing or hypersensitivities are increased (child's participation in group activities, in crowded or noisy environments, during play on the playground, perhaps in highly stimulating environments like school lunch room). The weight of the vest should be approximately 10% of the child's body weight. Duration of wear is based on age and weight of the child. The vest can be worn during a variety of activities, with duration of wear based on the child attaining his/her personal threshold and tolerance for wear. The child's occupational therapist can assist you in recommendations for initial and continuing wear schedule to structure your child's use and gain in wear and ultimate benefits from use of the vest. Some children need the vest to be fully weighted as recommended for their body weight to benefit from the deep pressure sensation and calming that the vests can provide, while others begin with reduced weight to fit their individual sensory needs for accommodating to wear of the vests. Some children start out wearing the vests for 15-30 minutes during suggested activities or environments where sensory hypersensitivities persist; then ultimately increase wear time, when the vests prove beneficial to the situations/environments that are challenging to the child.

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Warning: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 years. The Weighted products contain small pellets that may be a choking hazard if the pellets are released from the liner. In the event of a rupture of the liner, discontinue use of the weighted product immediately

Weighted vests should be used under the direction and advice of a healthcare professional or licensed therapist and should be worn while under adult supervision.

The designers and manufactures of the Calming Hugs products are not physicians and do not intend to provide healthcare services. Calming Hugs does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, products or services. This Website, the information referenced herein and the Products offered for purchase do not constitute an attempt to practice medicine. Your use of the Website or purchase of products does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between you and Calming Hugs or its employees.
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